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Fitting Series 01

by Jia Liu (Jan) 15 sept 2020

Before you go to fashion school, the word ‘fit’ is merely introduced. Fashion magazines quickly capture the latest trends, looks, designers and the best-sellers. Large amounts of promotional dollars are spent every season to attract and entice consumers to purchase the newest collections, but fall short when answering one simple question: “how do I know if this garment is fit for me”? We conducted a simple survey with one main question in mind: How do you define the ‘fit’ of a garment? With the desire to discover consumers’ perceptions when defining ‘fit.’

Our first Fitting Series interview explores the perception of ‘fit’ with individuals who are not as familiar with the fashion industry.

How do you define ‘fit’ of a garment?

Do you usually buy clothes via retail store or online? What are the factors play a role when you’re determining the fit of a garment? How do you feel about virtual fashion?

SOPHIA (Pancake chain store owner): Eliminate the weakness, and optimize the strength of my body!

ATHENA (Business owner): For me, ‘fit’ sometimes means ‘easy to get tired,’ because I have to try -on countless of garments within a limited time frame in the fitting room when I shop. I think ‘fitted garments’ should be kept close to my body, but not constrain the movement.

HONG (Banker): Comfortable and fashion!

LIN (Retired business owner): tailor-made clothes (made-to-measure) by my body shape. Comfortable and free to move my body.

YANG (M / Vehicle Sales) : Hide my belly... make me feel ‘slimmer’.

TAO (Vehicle Designer): Fit means ‘confidence’ for me. A fitted garment should give me energy and power in my daily work.

AO (MUSICIAN, ARTIST) I prefer to shop at the retail store, Dover Street Market, in the UK, but I an currently online shopping (95% of the time) in China for now. I think my definition of the word‘fit’ is dependent on what kind of activity I plan to do and my mood of the day. I sometimes wear very tight, or sometimes oversized clothes. I don’t have a ‘particular’ standard for my size or fit. I will not shop with the virtual garments…need to see the real garments.

MARK (Illustrator): Comfortable is essential for me. I usually shop at Uniqlo, Simple Project, etc. (fast fashion brands). I don’t really have a definition of ‘fit’. I tend to purchase a size large , because there won’t be any mistakes. I like to wear trousers that make my legs look longer. I am very interested in the virtual fashion/fitting online! I don’t want to spend the time to learn about the size. Visualizing the ‘virtual me’ on the garment sounds so exciting!

YUNA (Illustrator, Fine art): I don’t care about the price and quality of the garment, I only buy things I like. I usually shop at the ‘vintage store’, so I have no choice but whatever sizes are available in the shop. Design and style are more important for me than “fit”. Virtual fashion sounds interesting for me. Again, the motivation to buy a virtual garment entirely depends on the visual effect and design of the garment in digital format.

LUCY (Graphic Designer): I know my height, weight, and body measurements very well! I go to the gym everyday to keep my body fit. I think ‘fit’ on garments means it needs to be ‘made-to-measure’ based on my body measurements. If I cannot get the garments to ‘fit’ on my body, I will have them altered. I need to try-on the garment for fitting. Fit also assists me to show off my curves. I like the idea of virtual fitting! I need to visualize how I look in the garments, but I don’t like to physically try everything in the fitting room, it is so time consuming and can be dangerous during the pandemic.

From the interview, the word ‘fit’ is unique to each individual. When use the term ‘fit’ in the fashion industry, it becomes very technically oriented. The fitting process can be time consuming, and on average can take 3 to 4 times of sample-fitting to obtain optimal fit. Indeed, fashion consumers may not know or understand the entire fitting process, but the more they become conscious of “fit”, the better they will be able to identify the best garments for their body shape based on their style preferences and taste.

Our next Fit Series post, will feature fashion industry professionals on how they define ‘fit’, the traditional fitting process and the importance of fit during design, production and marketing. Leave your comments and share your definition of fit. Follow us to view our next post to discover more.

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Jia Liu (Jan)

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