As the expectations of the elite modern consumer evolve, the very future of retail relies on meeting them through innovation and sustainability practices that align with luxury brands’ ideals and objectives. Modern Mirror is designed to assist in reinvigorating the luxury experience to offset e-commerce ennui, bridge the online and offline experience, and establish a visionary new standard for luxury retail while staying true to the art of fashion. Modern Mirror is a brand partner throughout the journey of a garment: from the first sketch to the runway, and every step in between and after.

Captivate luxury consumers and retail buyers by bridging the gap between a physical and digital experience with an immersive and inspiring journey.”

While fashion continually evolves, distribution and buying processes have been stagnating for decades. And yet, pressure to increase profitability through e-commerce growth and in-store footfall is escalating the demand for seamless virtual try-on and B2B virtual marketplace solutions.

Our products and services are cohesively integrated into luxury brands’ physical retail and digital platform experiences, creating a consumer-centric and unified experience for all users. Bespoke experiences are crafted from the very same values, personality and behaviors of each luxury brand, ensuring your brand is the focal point.

With a history of being fashion innovators and inventors we bring a combined 100+ years of experience and intellect in identifying the needs and processes of the industry. We merge seamlessly with a brand’s aesthetic and identity, inspiring consumer loyalty and empowering luxury brands to connect deeply with their global consumers of today and tomorrow.

With modern mirror
every designer can step
onto the world stage.