Sustainable solutions assisting in the renewal of the luxury
experience, aligning with a brand’s ideals and objectives,
while staying true to the art of fashion providing
a positive environmental and social impact.

Creating seamless
intelligent virtual fit

for the luxury apparel industry
servicing consumers, designers,
manufacturers and retailers.

Avant-Garde Fitting System (AFS)

Look. Fit. Wear.

Amplify and individualize your brand by providing your clients with an engaging and elevated in-store and online experience to see how the latest styles look, fit and wear, virtually trying on your entire collection in a matter of minutes.



Recommendation technology that increases sales per customer by strengthening consumer confidence, leading to higher conversion rates and reducing returns.


Cohesively integrated into your brand’s physical retail and digital platform experiences, creating a consumer-centric and unified experience for your clients.


Capturing precise measurements, motion and images of your clients, providing sizing recommendations, while validating the fit and movement of a garment, when presenting photorealistic visualizations.


Creating an engaging and elevated shopping experience for your clients that deepens consumer engagement while increasing brand loyalty both in-store and online.

Maximizing brands’ revenues by 65% and
significantly increasing their profits.”

B2B Virtual Marketplace

Providing A Global Stage

  • An eminent buying process for retail buyers with an interactive and customizable B2B marketplace, where creative and artistic direction is endless.
  • Ignite senses when retail buyers explore a world of customized linesheets, videos, imagery, audio and Virtual Runway shows.
  • Customize your marketplace with your desired look and feel.

Design by Maria Grachvogel

Design by Maria Grachvogel

Virtual Runway

Anywhere... Anytime...
Any Device

  • View the latest collections worn by 3D digital models walking the Virtual Runway Anywhere ... Anytime ... Any Device.
  • Create Virtual Runway shows using digital models captured by Modern Mirror’s 3D imaging system or a single photo, wearing the latest collections in digital form.
  • Provide the audience with an up close and personal interactive show to increase their engagement with your collection, by bringing the runway to them.
  • Translate excitement off the runway to purchases – allowing your clients to be the models on their own runway.

Creating a one-of-a-kind experience that
unlocks the next level to personalization
of shopping with a lasting effect.”

Nicole Reader, CEO & President

We have always struggled with online sales because our clothing really needs to be tried on – not only for fit, but how the piece looks and feels on the body. I am therefore very excited to work with Modern Mirror as the detail and level of luxury they are working towards is light years ahead of the competition.

The team has an incredible eye for detail and is really pushing the boundaries and truly thinking about the customer experience holistically. From the experience when the client comes for her initial ‘imaging’- creating a luxury fitting room experience, the fact that the image represents the client, not only in measurements, but also with the details- the hair, movements and poses - as if it were an actual mirror and finally movement - clothing needs movement to have a sense of how you look and feel.

This level of detail is what my client expects to replicate the luxury shopping experience as closely as possible."

Maria Grachvogel

Modern Mirror opens up the possibility to be able to confidently order something online and know it will fit”

Somewhere, a frustrated IT security executive wishes they worked for Nicole Reader.”

Bradley Barth

no similar fitting systems in the marketplace”

michelle russell

Local fashion-tech startups

Tyler Orton

Forget AR & VR Apps. New Technology System Modern Mirror Takes Virtual Try-Ons Next Level. ”


Smart mirror tech unveiled


Graham Miller

Two of the world’s most powerful industries collide.”

DigiBC Member Series

Nicole Reader of The Modern Mirror

Disrupt and redefine the luxury retail industry”

chloe rigby

Making the unimaginable possible.

Sogol Borjian