Models play a fundamental role in the
fashion industry for designers and brands when
fitting, marketing or inspiring their collections.
As the focus of fashion brands and designers
evolves, so does the role of a model.

Modern Mirror provides an opportunity for
models to maintain their exposure and
maximize their careers, while staying
relevant in a rapidly changing industry.

In times of uncertainty the fashion industry is increasingly relying on digital models.
Providing digital modeling services to individual models and agencies, capturing a
model's appearance, measurements and motion to create sets of 3D images and
animations in multiple poses with additional enhancements to hair and makeup.

Presenting models with unrivaled exactitude.

Be your own

digital fashion model

license out to fashion brands for

To book your 3D digital modeling session, hire a digital
model or partner with Modern Mirror to digitize yourself
or your agency's models.


Offering full 3D body scanning services using highly
advanced and noninvasive 3D capture technology.
Based on photogrammetry our system has
an ultra-fast capture speed of 10 3D images
per second. Supporting a sophisticated
temporal-3D workflow, which enables
the ability to select the best facial
expression and/or pose prior to
rendering in order to obtain
the best data for
your project.

Modern Mirror specializes in the
highest-fidelity 360° full body
digitization for the
luxury apparel industry

Our body scanner uses 42 machine vision cameras (including
face-specific modular units customized to capture detailed facial
information) and an industrial-grade flash system synchronized in a
single capture, generating an automated 3D mesh with a geometric
linear accuracy range of 0.5mm in 1.5 milliseconds.

Simple, efficient, fast, & 100% safe

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