one system    one second    one scan

single thread
connectinglimitless worlds

avant-garde fitting system virtual try-on

by modern mirror

Turning real TALENT
into digital humanS


  • 3d imaging day
  • digital human
  • test frames, feedback
    and rendering
  • delivery
  • storage of assets

3d body imaging

precision of 0.5 millimeters creating a realistic
360-degree animated 3D representation

the intersection of fashion x sports x gaming

expanding the utilization of

digital humans through seamless

connecting multiple worlds
via one scan, providing limitless
possibilities and monetization.


utilizing the data

Virtual Try-On & Fittings

Virtually try on clothing and see how recommended size will fit, drape, and move on your exact virtual self. This allows you to get an accurate sense of how the clothing will fit and wear before making a purchase. This not only inspires confidence in the purchasing decision, but it also creates an engaging and elevated experience for your clients, both in-store and online. By providing your clients with this technology, you can amplify and individualize your brand, setting yourself apart from the competition. Your clients can virtually try on your entire collection in a matter of minutes, providing them with an unparalleled shopping experience.

The AFS API easily integrates into existing websites and apps, providing the virtual try-on experience with the look and feel of brands’ digital platforms.

Couture Designs & Tailoring

Clients can work with your designers to create personalized garments and see minor alterations when sharing their individual profiles with your brand, making made-to-measure and personalization easier, reducing the need for physical fittings. high-profile users to work one-on-one with designers to create the perfect bespoke garment from sketches to final fittings.

See your garment come to life in 3D, and even participate in virtual fittings to ensure a perfect fit whether it’s a physical or digital garment.

Access to personal stylists to collaborate with a stylist to create a complete look.

Digital Design for Web 3.0

Whether for use in the AFS or on other platforms, Modern Mirror’s team of virtual sample makers can translate CAD models, 2D patterns in digital or paper form, physical samples, or photographs into pixel-perfect digital twins of garment and accessory designs. Physical drape and movement, and optical properties are replicated indistinguishably from videos of the actual garments.

Digital garments can be created even before physical samples have been made, enabling immediate availability of virtual experiences once designs are finalized

VIP Digital Human

Modern Mirror’s ultra-precise body measurements and motion data can unlock valuable insights in both the retail and the athletic performance environments.


In an era when the fashion industry is striving to increase its sustainability, aggregated data on both customer measurements and fit preferences can drive production planning and regional inventory allocation.


Trainers can compare athletes’ physiques against those of the top performers in a sport and can track changes over time to adjust workouts based on muscle development. Athletes can improve correctness and consistency of motions, and minimize chance of injury. Athletes can release their performance and movement data to third parties for further analysis or for monetization.

Fit Modeling /
Virtual Runways
/ Fittings & Showrooms

Once a model or celebrity has had a digital self created through Modern Mirror’s technology, it can be licensed out for virtual appearances through the Client Dashboard. These can include taking part in photoshoots or runway shows without having to be physically present, wearing digital garments fitted by Modern Mirror’s AFS system.

Brand Activations with
Athletes/ Models /

In today's rapidly evolving markets, innovative approaches to engagement are constantly sought after. This presents a unique opportunity for individuals to utilize their 3D body data in collaboration with various industries and crossover into new markets. By licensing out "Your Digital Self" to brands, talented individuals can generate an array of content such as photos, AR, VR, animation, and gaming assets. This not only expands their portfolio but also maximizes content creation and opens up new revenue streams.

bringing yourdigital selfto life

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