Virtual Runway

Create personalized experiences with highly emotional story telling
that embodies mystery by combining your physical fashion shows
with digital possibilities and excitement.

Set the Stage.
                  Cast & Choreograph

Choose a model, choose a scene and choreograph a
customized virtual fashion show of your latest collection
with Modern Mirror’s Virtual Sample Makers and 3D
artists to bring an interactive experience to
your global audiences.


Garments Exquisitely Designed
- Down to the Very LasT Pixel

Supporting 3D digitization of complex couture designs, with accurate modeling and textured fabrics and elaborate reflectance effects, notions and hardware. Ultra-high resolution 3D garment renderings are produced with dynamic animated garment drape modeling in real-time. Integrating into existing design workflows, supporting both 3D CAD/CAM digital and traditional patterns.

Virtual Atelier

We digitize your collection for you and prepare it for your Virtual Runway, while working with your internal design team through your own secure branded Virtual Atelier. You have control over the way you want your collection 3D digitized, simulated and rendered and can easily provide notes and markups on each product to ensure accuracy, fit and movement.

Design by Maria Grachvogel

Anywhere ... Anytime ... Any Device

View the latest collections worn by 3D digital models walking the Virtual Runway anywhere, anytime on any device. Share it on your B2B Virtual Marketplace, have it uploaded to your Avant-Garde Fitting System (AFS) inventory database or simply export it as a file to share on all your media platforms.

See Now. Try Now. Buy Now.

Translate excitement off the runway to purchases - allowing your clients to be the models on their own runway when combining Virtual Runway and AFS together.

Design by Maria Grachvogel