Avant-Garde Fitting System (AFS)
Delivering an elevated, immersive
and luxury virtual fitting experience
both in-store and online,

for the luxury apparel industry
servicing consumers, designers,
manufacturers and retailers.

Bespoke fitting experiences

Bespoke fitting experiences
tailored to your brand

Bespoke experiences crafted from the values, personality and behaviours of your brand ensuring the customized online and retail integration of the AFS is a cohesive consumer-centric and unified experience in your retail locations and on your digital platforms. Fitting in your retail architecture in an area as small as 6’ x 10’ x 8’ and integrated into online site and inventory management and sales systems through a custom-built API.

Inspiring consumer confidence seeing how clothing looks,
fits and wears on their exact virtual selves through the
use of 3D body-imaging and visualization technology.

Fit experiences as seamless as your designs

Your clients are provided with an elegant, intuitive user experience that enables them to efficiently discover and try-on your entire collection in a matter of minutes.

Precision. Velocity.

A real time self-service 3D body imaging system captures clients’ measurements with submillimeter (0.5mm) precision, in addition to clients’ motion and images in 1.5 milliseconds. Providing sizing recommendations while validating the fit and movement of a garment through dynamic visualizations equated to lower return rates.

High-fidelity visualizations

Garments are visualized with an unrivaled fidelity and fit mapping, enabling customers to experience the texture, hang, movement and fit of each piece as though they were trying the clothes on for real. Instilling confidence in finding the perfect fit in-store and online in half the time.

Pixel perfect renditions

Dynamic modeling of complex garments with ultra-high resolution of textures, reflectance effects, notions and hardware, ensuring accurate drape, friction movement and strain of each garment.

Made-to-Measure & Personalization

Clients can work with your designers to create personalized garments and see minor alterations when sharing their individual profiles with your brand, making made-to-measure and personalization easier, reducing the need for physical fittings.

94% of consumers interested in virtual try-on applications”


We know what your clients like before they do.

Recommendation technology that increases sales per customer, in-store and online, increases consumer confidence leading to higher conversion rates and reducing costs through lower return rates.

transforming a one-of-a-kind experience into an everlasting relationship.

Exhibit innovation and creative genius, when deploying the AFS Pop-Up unit, to reach out to new and existing markets, providing personalized experiences for clients, leading to lasting relationships through your digital platforms.

Shop for your client better than they can shop for themselves.

The AFS and detailed information collected on every client, are retention tools for sales professionals and stylists to stay better connected to their clients by styling them virtually.

Big impact on waste, light touch on the environment.

By reducing inventory on the store floor, decreasing returns from consumers and minimizing waste, we are significantly reducing impact on the environment.

maximizing revenues & increasing profits, while reducing returns.

Higher engagement with a greater number of styles tried on leading to improved APT’s and UPT’s.

We don’t just unlock new customers, we give you the keys to their minds.

Providing your brand with highly detailed demographic, preference, sizing and buying behaviour data, better informing teams for the manufacturing of future designs and garments.

connecting you with your global audience, increasing consumer loyalty.

Developing a deeper online and offline relationship between your Sales Professionals and their clients ensures they remain connected to your brand.

Our finely tuned data creates an inventory made to fit.

Fine-tuning predictions throughout the entire product life cycle creates a level of efficiency and sustainability prowess across all departments in order to perfect the inventory forecasting and allocation process.